About Dave

“Having found the right balance for myself… I want to help others achieve.”

David Reinherz (“Dave”) is a successful attorney, entrepreneur, husband and father. He is the managing attorney of the Reinherz and Reinherz Law Offices, concentrating on bankruptcy, family law, immigration, and general practice. He is a member of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bars and is also a Certified Divorce Mediator.  Dave is also credentialed as a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.

Through his work helping legal clients though the process of debt relief and family matters, he has seen the devastating effects of overspending, not placing family first and the resulting stress on health and wellbeing.  He has seen clients hit rock bottom and has helped them emerge to create a succcesful new life.

Dave Reinherz Elite Performance Coaching evolved from Dave’s desire to help others achieve their “best” self and find the right balance when it comes to family, fitness and finance. He strongly believes that if one of these is off balance, all three suffer.

As a business owner, he understands the desire for increased profitability and achievement in a competitive environment.
As an ambitious, self-starter, who grew up in a modest environment, he values building of a solid foundation for financial stability and freedom.
As a former personal trainer he values health and fitness and appreciates the desire to challenge oneself to a higher level of physical performance.
As a Real Estate and Stock Market Investor, he understands how to build wealth.
And, as a spouse and father, he appreciates balance and believes in being present for his family.

In his coaching practice, Dave uses his unique experience and skill set to help like-minded individuals who are focused, competitive and achievement-oriented realize an even higher level of performance.

Dave Reinherz graduated from Widener Law School in 1998.  He earned his undergraduate degree at Dickinson College, graduating in 1995 with a BA in political science.

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