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3 Reasons to Have a Real Estate Agent with a Legal Background

There are many ways that buying real estate can be complicated.  The art of finding property, bidding, escrow, settlement, inspections, taxes, and so many other factors make finding the right real estate agent imperative.  Aside from the technicalities of purchasing real estate, there are also countless legal implications that can make a transfer of property even more daunting.  Having an agent with a legal background could make the entire process not only more successful, but it could also help to negate any legal situations that can creep out of the dark with real estate transactions.  Here are 3 good reasons to hire a real estate agent with a legal background.

  1. Negotiating Contracts – From the initial offer contract, to the buyer’s and seller’s contract, and all the way through to closing, contracts run the show when dealing with real estate.  Having an agent that has a legal background will give you a person with strong and thorough negotiating skills.  This alone will protect you from legal loopholes, inconsistent reporting, and will ensure that you can get the best possible deal for your transaction. In fact, the purchaser’s agreement by itself can make or break a real estate deal.  A real estate agent with legal expertise can negotiate a purchaser’s agreement so that both the seller’s and buyer’s needs and desires are executed properly.
  2. Research and review – An agent that is well-versed in research and review would certainly benefit both a buyer and seller.  With a legal education, learning the skills for research and review are essential for success.  These skills translate into opportunity for clients to capitalize on property and area information.  Researching property disclosure, tax abatement’s, addressing liens, verifying that proper permitting was obtained if the property was altered, and subsequently what types of alterations can legally be done to a property, all can be researched and reviewed by an agent with legal experience.
  3. Filings – Securing the purchase of property requires multiple filings on city, county, and even state levels.  A real estate agent with legal experience can appropriately file all documents ensuring a smooth transaction.  On a personal level, this can help with obtaining deed, title, and survey.  However, this legal experience can prove vital when the transaction includes commercial property.  A legally-fluent agent will be able to obtain tax identifications, can help with incorporation or proprietorship, and can even help with municipality business licensing.

With a good agent, a real estate transaction can be a fulfilling and lucrative experience.  With a great agent with legal experience, a real estate transaction can be an iron-clad business deal that is financially secure, protected, and successful.

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