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New Jersey Real Estate License

I am proud to report that I just passed the New Jersey Real Estate License Exam.   So, despite already being busy and having a demanding multi-state law practice, why am I getting my real estate license?


Here are a few reasons I am getting my real estate license:


1) I love real estate. I think real estate is a good investment and I already have some involvement in this area.

2) It was fairly easy to get:   As a practicing attorney in good standing, I was able to receive a waiver from real estate school and just take the test. (Ok, I admit it, I did procrastinate and wait to near the end of my waiver period to actually take the test, so I am rushing to get all my paperwork in. With a new baby and new dog in the household recently, I kind of pushed this back, although I rarely procrastinate otherwise. Never a dull moment.)

3) The license will help me with my investments. I can better search, place offers, and get commissions if I decide to actively invest anymore.

4) It will help me better serve my current law clients. It is directly related to real estate tax appeals, which I handle already. Property valuation is also required in Divorce and Bankruptcy.

5) Continuing education is important for professional service providers. Yep, I am hoping I will learn something and broaden my horizons. While my law license was the most time consuming and most difficult to achieve, I have additional certifications in Divorce Mediation, Certified Life Coaching, Personal Fitness Training (from awhile back which I let lapse), and Real Estate License now. None of these certification was terribly difficult, but they did involve some extra time and expense, and I believe they all add some value.

6) Networking opportunities are likely, as I hope to meet other great agents and clients. I tend to gravitate towards peace and quiet, perhaps too often, so some involvement in this area might be fun.

7) I like self employment and am already self employed. This is not for everyone, as many folks may thrive in a 9am-5pm environment, but I prefer the more flexible schedule. There are pros and cons to self employment too for sure. No steady paycheck, health insurance, or retirement with self employment. You also need to run the business as well as performing actual job related work. On the other hand, there is an element of job security as you will not get fired. The flexible schedule, not having a boss, and being able to reap the direct rewards of hard work are some positives.

8) I believe I can do a great job with any limited involvement in this work.  Like some bad lawyers that I have met, I have also personally experienced some bad real estate agents. Some who do not return phone calls and are not knowledgeable about their jobs. There are a bunch of really good agents/brokers that I know as well and that i deal with in my law practice. I respect the good agents. Some are very successful and hard working, but I do remember shaking my head a few times as I have dealt with some of the less professional agents. I believe that the very successful agents are full time, they are knowledgeable, they put lots of energy and resources into marketing, know how to run their business efficiently, ethical, and have great customer service skills.


I am not exactly sure yet how much I will use the new real estate license, but I am excited to add this to my background and have some new options in this area.


I wish you all well and encourage everyone to keep on learning.


Wishing you much happiness and success,


Dave Reinherz





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