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Family BalanceThe core themes of my elite life-coaching are Fun, Family, Fitness, and Finance and I try to incorporate all these important areas even when away. When traveling and being away from your normal daily routine, it is easy to get “off track”.  I use any rare trip that I get to sort of “step back” from my normal routine to see how I am doing and maybe take a short break. However short, it seems important to get away from the busy schedule and re-charge.


FUN—What is more fun than relaxing on the beach with family. Nice weather, the ocean, boardwalk food. The kids were all smiles as they played on the beach, got dirty in the sand, enjoyed some boardwalk rides, some local playgrounds, and some occasional treats like Ice Cream at Kohr Bros, shakes at Dairy Queen, Hamburgers and Rootbeer at Stewarts. Am I teaching people to eat ice cream, shakes, burgers and boardwalk food—NO WAY—but I do teach how to eat right most of the time so you can squeeze in an occasional splurge. No one gets FAT in one day or even one trip. Maybe you’re not a beach person—no problem- Find out what is FUN for you and plan it soon.


FAMILY- With today’s hectic work schedules, over scheduled kids, and financial burdens, it can really be hard to get some good family time in. A day trip or short trip to the beach can be inexpensive if you plan it to be so. Perhaps a picnic in the park, outside walk, bike riding, or family meal would do the trick too. Family time is important to a happy balanced person.

FINANCE-  So how does finance have anything to do family trips? Well, I my case, we recently purchased a shore Condo that was bank owned. This was our first trip there as a family, and we went down and fixed it up some more and did some of the necessary set up for renting the place out. So, during our trip we actually did some of the behind the scenes work necessary to get the place ready for renting and running smoothly. This property purchase was a long term financial goal of ours that we worked towards by saving money, ensuring our good credit, studying the market, and taking the plunge. We want to own some real estate in a balanced financial portfolio which will hopefully increase in value over many years. Hopefully we got a good deal and took advantage of a bad housing market, taking it off the hands of a Bank that did not want to own it.

Despite the Fun and Family time, I also travelled with my computer, cell phone, and briefcase. I did not work too much while away, but continued a few important daily tasks and made sure I was available as needed. Some of the best business ideas can sometimes come up during time away from business. In my experience, taking a step back and away from every day routine can actual give you some quiet and different perspective to make some break-throughs. There are planned steps that I use and teach to program yourself to come up with these ideas and continue progress, so it does not happen by accident, but it does happen.


FITNESS- During our shore trip we WALKED constantly and swam some. Did not go to any gym, but made it a point to keep active. In fact, every morning I walked the boardwalk or beach-front for about an hour and we walked everywhere since everything is close by. Now, I did eat some less than perfect food, such as soft serve ice cream, which I love. But, we kept active and upon arriving back home I got right back into my normal routine.

The long walks near the beach front helped with stress relief and having some quiet time to reset and think about goals.




So time with FAMILY, FUN, FINANCE, and FITNESS all combined for me during this trip. I constantly try to work on these things, study them, and actually try to plan how I can keep the right balance in these areas.

If you are struggling to find the right balance in any of these areas, contact me to help get you back on track! My mission is to continue my constant study in fitness, finance, business, and time managements and success methods to best help my clients reach their goals. While I might not tell you to go to the Beach, we will find out what works for you! I practice what I preach and I offer great Value with my service. The service is a great deal, will save you tons of time, and I guarantee your satisfaction. Contact me today for a Free Life Coaching consultation to see how I can help you.



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